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morning to tucker barnes. >> good morning. most of the rain is out of here and we're looking at cloud cover now. maybe a little sunshine building in this afternoon. and milder temperatures on the way too. so it's generally good news for the forecast and although you can still see the cloud cover holding tough. rain showers well north and east up into new york and boston. they are out of here. might be a leftover sprinkle or a couple of showers in the mountains out in the west during the course of the day. other than that just a mostly cloudy start. and then during the course of the day, we'll see breaks in the clouds. so there will be moments of soon but all in all a mostly cloudy. milder than yesterday. our highs yesterday struggled to get to 50 and today closer to 60 by late this afternoon. currently 43 in downtown washington. fredericksberg 46. ocean city 55. that's nice. and 38 in winchester. so colder off to the north and west. here is your forecast. still a lot of clouds around, a mild afternoon and 60 degrees the daytime high and winds out of the west at 5-10 miles per hour. all week long we've been talking about temperatures in the 70s. i'll let you know when they
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arrive in a couple of minutes. allison? now to the latest developments in japan. there were two more earthquakes measuring over 6.0 in the south and north of japan last night, killing four people. these on top of the dozens of aftershocks from last friday's historic 9.0 quake. the death toll from the earthquake and the following tsunami could be more than 10,000. >> the aftershocks leekly to continue. we get more on the latest dangers at the damaged nuclear plant from fox 5's sherry ly live in the news room. good morning, sherry. >> reporter: good morning, tony. those emergency workers have been ordered to return to the nuclear power plant after they were evacuated this morning. that cost valuable time. in a rare address to the nation. the japan emperor said he was concerned and urged people not to give up, but conditions at the nuclear power plant seem to be worsening. yet another fire at japan's
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fukushima nuclear plant and a spike in radiation levels forced the 50 remaining workers there to seek shelter and at least temporarily suspend their work to cool down reactors. >> i think the very imminent dangers to those people that live around and also may have a profound effect for even those people that live hundreds or thousands of miles away. >> reporter: buses are evacuating more people living miles away from the stricken plant. they are then tested for radiation exposure. japan is using a helicopter to dump water on the reactors and u.s. scientists are joining the effort to help prevent a full meltdown. >> we are first and foremost focused now on helping in any way we can to help the japanese government and the power company contain -- cool down the reactors and contain it and stop the leaking. >> reporter: u.s. helicopters are still flying in relief suppliesment on the ground
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search continues for survivors as the death toll markets. and the stock market rebounded after two dismal days. u.s. markets may follow the trend today but with both the nuclear crisis and a humanitarian disaster, jap an will face years of recovery. japan's defense ministry said the water drops seen on tv were a drill and there are no plans to dump water on the to the nuclear reactors. damages are now estimated between $150 up to nearly $200 billion and that's without the possible nuclear meltdown. allison and tony. >> sherry ly, thank you so much. the priority is keeping the fuel rods cool. friday's earthquake knocked out the cooling system and since then they have poured sea water on the rods. vessel is made of 6-foot concrete but after series of explosions one may have crocked. and if the rods get too hot, that's when a meltdown could
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occur. we're just getting video now of american air force planes getting checked for radiation in japan. bio hazard crews in gas masks are checking the trues after they get back from the earthquake zone. and meantime the need for potassium iodine are growing. they fear the leaking in japan will reach the united states. the anti-radiation is selling out. the owner of has sold more than 50,000 doses of the pill in days. u.s. officials say u.s. activity monitoring points have been set up along the pacific coast. as events unfold in japan u.s. lawmakers are looking at the safety of nuclear plants here. right now there are 104 nuclear plants licensed to operate in the united states. more than two dozen more units are in the work. the diablo facility has received attention because it's
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on the coast of california. officials say it was designated -- excuse me it was designed to with stand a 7.5 earthquake and a 30-foot tsunami. the energy secretary said the u.s. has high nuclear power safety standards. this daft has been -- this disaster has been difficult for those living in the u.s. 17- year-old mia is still stunned by it all. she is living in leonardtown, maryland, an exchange student from send i, one of the areas hit hardest. her family survived and they were out of town when the quake struck. she just got word last night that her friends and classmates back home are also alive. >> you can't imagine that my friends and my family are there and they can't even get food, they can't even water and gas
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and light. >> mia is working with the red cross and classmates at leonardtown high school to raise money to send home. she's planning to go back home at the end of june. our coverage of the disaster in japan continues on you'll find all of the latest developments as well as pictures of the aftermath on our website. we also have information for those of you who want to help the victims of the quake and tsunami. it's all in our hot topics bar. new this morning, we are just getting word that pakistan just freed an american c.i.a. contractors. this is video of raymond davis after he was arrested in january. police there charged him with murder for shooting two pakistanis who he said were trying to rob him. pakistan dropped the case after families of the two pardoned davis in exchange for compensation. the case seriously strained relations with pakistan. and some of the other top
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stories we're following today, d.c. police are investigating a shooting early this morning. ju a.m. on the 33rd hundred block of 15th street in southeast. the victim is a woman listed in critical condition. so far no word on a motive or if police have any suspects. investigators now say they have forensic evidence in the attacks on two women inside a bethesda store on friday night. but they are not confirming whether they have dna evidence. 30-year-old jana murray and a coworkers were bound, sexually assaulted and badly beaten when two men got into luluelemon after closing. murray was found dead at the scene. paul stark, place captain, spoke with us this morning about the case. >> right now we're not sure of how to classify the forensic evidence. we've interviewed people and
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we'lle interview some of the -- well reinterview them. we need the tips to help come in. >> the surviving victim has been released from the hospital. police have not made any arrests. former prince george's county executive jack johnson has pleaded not guilty. he returned to court yesterday to face bribery, conspiracy and extortion charges. he took money in ex change for favors. back in november agents searched his mitchellville home. last month a federal grand jury returned an eight count indictment. the evidence in the case includes wire taps. to trial date has been set. d.c. mayor vince gray and kwame brown, council chairman, will be honored today by the greater washington urban league. it is the 39th memorial gala tonight at 6:30 in northwest. community service award recipients include george washington university and howard university, among others. in the meantime mayor gray
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is speaking out about new disturbing information regarding fired city employee sulaiman brown. the mayor said he didn't know brown had six run-ins with the law before he was given a six- figure accounting job at the health department. brown was acquitted of an attempted murder charge in chicago nearly 20 years ago. there were several other instances of assault that brown was not convicted of. payor gray said the charges would not necessarily prevent someone from having a job. >> when you look at the fact we're trying to return on the focus of returning citizens -- we have a lot of people returning to the city after inconvicted of a crime and trying to get a job and we're trying to help them do that. >> brown was fired and said he wants the mayor to say he was misjudged and fired without cause. and mayor gray still under fire for paying the top officials more than the salary cap. the mayor is backing a what from the controversy. and he's been paying his chief
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of staff close to what he makes, $200,000. >> and what we've done, and let me make something clear, that the majority of those that were above the salary company were about $900 above the salary cap. so we're just working with those involved to roll them back. >> you are rolling them back? >> yes. >> and that includes the fire chief, the head of the department of health care, the agency that sulaiman brown was fired from. and the mourning of a popular rap artist today after the next break. and teaching women the skills they need to provide for their family. we'll talk about the cinderella organization that will help families in west africa. 
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welcome back. 9:13 now. there is an investigation going on at nasa's kennedy space
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center in florida after cocaine was found in one of the buildings. more than 4 grams of the white powder turned up last week. though nasa is not saying where. this is not the first time. a small amount was discovered in january 2010 in the hangar housing the discovery space shuttle. the musician known as nate dog passed away. he worked with dr. dre on the chronic and performed with warren g on regulate. he released several solo albums. no word on his cause of death, although he had suffered two massive strokes over the last few years. nate dog was 41 years old. the trial of the former president of liberia wrapped up after three years of testimony. charles taylor is accused of war crimes related to the civil war in sierra leon in which 10,000 people were killed or maimed. after the war ended, the
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country is still suffering. men who lost hands or feet are unable to proside for families and many women there are unskilled. the cinderella foundation is changing that. they leave for a second session to teach girls and women there skills and trades that will help them support their families. and the groups founder diane cole stevens joins us in studio to tell us more about this work. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> my first question was going to be why this nation and in west africa but why this group, but reading that introduction, it's plain to see that these women, this community, needs help. >> it does. someone from my church told me about a woman amputated and she was a hair stylist and she makes her money on one leg and i kind of joked around with my staff saying we complain about water pressure or hot water, and here they are just trying to make it. so i thought if i can go over there and start a cosmetology
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curriculum maybe we can change their lives. >> and you are a busy person. you have two locations in eastern market and greenbelt and still finding time to do this. surely, you have some success stories to pass along before we get into what goes into the training? >> yeah, the salons are awesome. i'm using this, because we're open in the salon in africa, and i'm using the same tools that helped make me successful here in the us to help empower them there. >> and how does it work? you set up your own facility and tell us about the pictures we're seeing? >> reporter: well the cinderella foundation go over and train in nail care. we train about 300 women in nail and hair care. we teach everything from manicures, pedicures, styling hair, hair cutting, showing them proper techniques for relaxing and rinsing and this year we get to cut our own ribbon over there. >> and the hope is that they go on to set up businesses for themselves because as we read
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in the introduction there, this country has been torn apart by civil war, left men either absent or injured and now this empowers the women there who find themselves having to pick up the pieces. >> absolutely. the first year we went over we had to teach them how to barter, to get them basic survival skills to find food and just trying to barter for health services. if there is a nurse in town, to do her hair. the next thing you know they have a friendship and she would help with medical supplies. and that was the first thing. and this is our third year going back and we're trying to hire seven women for the new salon and trying to hope they can pay it forward and hire seven more women. >> how can we help? is there an opportunity for us to help? >> sure, we have a website, and we had to purchase a generator and a water tank. myister is on the team and she's an engineer so she's already going to get in town and she knows the needs for the
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blow driers and things like that. so donations as little as $25, $10, anything can help towards the trip. >> people might be watching and say, well, diane, we have some issues and concerns here at home. you work towards helping girls and women here in our area as well? >> absolutely. we found a group of young girls in d.c. that have very challenging issues at home. a lot of their mothers have been on drugs and they're just getting back into the work force. so we're helping empower those young ladies by exposing them to the fine arts. we expose them to fun things like a mystics basketball game. our goal is to take them to new york and just continue to expose these young ladies who are preparing for college, for two of our girls and we have a scholarship program that they receive. and we're excited. >> we're excited for you. when do you leave? >> we leave march 21st, that's monday. >> that's coming up. good luck with this. and in the future let us know how you are doing at the cinderella foundation. this is diane cole stevens. and you can go and see her in town at one of her spas and say
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good job. >> thank you. >> tony, back over to you. she paid thousands of dollars toward her daughter's education but claims the teachers did not do their job. is that grounds for a lawsuit? the full story coming up next. holly? >> reporter: good morning, tony. we tapped the tree, we boiled the sap, now we are ready to savorer syrup. put them on the griddle and get ready. at cunningham state falls they are gearing up for their maple syrup festival. learn how to make it and then you get to taste it. we'll tell you all about it live later. >> i want some, thank you, holly. first here is today's trivia question. what was the nate of the orange and white cat in the classic children's book that's feature dic, jane and their dog spot. was it puff, fuzz, or fluffy? >> i have no idea. >> i thought it was tabby. so i guess i'm wrong.
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so the answer is coming up later. if you want to take a guess -- >> should there be a d. up there? >> we'll find out shortly. head to our facebook page to take a guess. fox 5 morning news is back after the break. 
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making headlines this morning, a con man convicted of kidnapping his daughter during a custody dispute is charged with murder. he used the name clark rockefeller to give the impression he was rich. he is now accused of killing a man in los angeles 25 years ago. the victim's wife is still missing. a new york city mother is suing an elite private preschool saying that it wasn't able to prepare her daughter for a top elementary school. she said the york avenue preschool made her 4-year-old daughter spend too much time
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learning her colors and shapes and didn't hone her testing skills. she is 4. she is asking the school to pay back the fall tuition -- the full tuition of $19,000 for the entire year. the school said it has never had a problem like this before. >> $19,000 for preschool? that's a lot of money. >> she's probably expecting something miraculous. maybe that's what it is. >> for that kind of money. i've seen this video. we want to warn you about it. it is disturbing. but it is a display of violence among school children. >> a bully picked on one kid one time too many. and what happened next has become viral. it was shot outside of the school in australia. little guy is the bully. the bigger child decides enough is enough and body slams the -- oh, boy, body slams the smaller boy to the ground. both students were suspended. bully for 21 days, the victim
9:25 am
for four days because of his reaction. the video has pulled in hundreds of facebook comments supporting the kid who finally fought back. >> he's walking like that because his leg was broken during that. illicit a reaction. it's tough to watch it, no denying that but bullying is becoming more of a problem, leading to issues for children around the world. >> and coming up next on fox 5, we have a very special guest in the studio today. actress lauren potter, from glee, and she's going to talk about the issue of bullying and how people with disabilities are perceived in pop culture. the show got a big honor last night.
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so what's the language here in aruba ? papiamento. papiamento. yeah. so how would i say, uh, one happy island ? un isla feliz. un isla feliz. yeah... what about work related stress ?
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pssssh... there must be a word for it. i don't know that one.
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welcome back to fox 5
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morning news. the group alton helping us get ready for st. patty's day. we'll hear more from the group later this hour. and an important reminder for you, if you plan on celebrating with a few pints tomorrow, make sure that you have a designated driver. there is an alert to watch for drunken or impaired drivers. please be careful. it's not worth it. get somebody to drive. >> absolutely. hi, tuck. >> i'm putting the final touches on my irish dancing. >> so you'll be ready? >> ready for tomorrow? >> yeah. got to get up at 4:25 to see that, by the way. >> that's a good tease. and you'll be dressed in a festive way tomorrow. >> i hadn't thought about that yet. i guess that's a tradition. we'll see what i can do. >> or you'll get pinched. >> will i? >> yes. >> okay. >> more on that later. >> that changes everything. let's get to the rainfall we had overnight. we needed rain?
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well, yeah, i guess we need rain. >> you said you needed it for your yard. >> i did. i put down a lot of grass seed so i needed the rain. we got it. two-thirds of an inch of reagan national. dulles about a little less than half an inch and bwi .61. and for the most part the rainfalls out of here for the day and just cloud cover at this hour. and even getting some breaks now. there goes the rain and heavy in a few spots. heavy during the overnight hours. picked up good rain and adding thunderstorm activity off to the east. that's out of here. notice off to the north and west, the breaks are starting to get in the cloud cover and that's the theme around here later today. mostly cloudy skies and sunny breaks. and then the weather only gets better and better from here as we get into tomorrow for st. patrick's day and particularly on friday. out to the west, just a couple of light sprinkles, maybe the mountains might see a sprinkle later today and that's when we are dob with the measurable -- done with the measurable rain
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around noon. 44 in reagan national. 44 at baltimore. patuxent naval air station 44. and by later this afternoon upper 50s and maybe 60s if we can work sunshine into the forecast. so noticeably milder today than yesterday. here is your official st. patrick's day forecast. and here is the leprechaun. and very nice and sunny and mild temperatures in the middle 60s tomorrow and not typical. many st. patrick's day cold and cloudy but this a good one. mild afternoon and 60 degrees. more sunshine working in. winds out of the west at about 5-10 miles per hour. and then later tonight, just a couple of clouds out there. cool and 42 degrees your overnight low. upper 30s when you get up and out the door outside of the beltway tomorrow morning. winds out of the north and west at 5-10 miles per hour. that is a beautiful five-day forecast. no more rain. tomorrow 65 and sunshine. friday looks awesome, 75 with sunshine. and the weekend right now looks dry and sunny, with highs in the 60s. and that's still above normal
9:32 am
both saturday and sunday. let's look at the weather forecast. enjoy it. and now over to tony. a big honor for the hit show glee. it was honored last night by the american association of people with disabilities. glee was given the group's image award for leading the way in how young people with disabilities are perceived in pop culture. joining us today is lauren potter playing becky on glee. she accepted the award last fight on behalf of the entire show's crew and cast. and also joining us is lauren's mom robin sinkhorn who was at the event last night. thank you for coming in. lauren, you have fans all over the country, you have some very big fans here in this building so we are excited and we know it was a late night and you're a little under the weather this morning so thank you very much for coming in. let me start by asking you how exciting it was to receive this particular award last night?
9:33 am
>> it was really exciting. and i got an award and it was pretty amazing up there. >> and i would imagine for this award, because of what you represent and what the show is doing, you've got to be proud and i imagine everyone who works on the show is pretty proud? >> yes. >> robin, tell me a little bit about what the fight meant to you? >> it was amazing for me. i was sitting there, she was speaking i think, there were 900 people there, people from the hill, people from industry, and lauren was up giving a speech and an acceptance speech for glee and it was very moving. it moved me to tears. her speech was wonderful and she did just a fabulous job. and just watching her in the background, meeting and greeting everyone and taking pictures and speaking out for her cause and representing glee in just a wonderful way that she did last night was amazing. >> lauren, for those who may
9:34 am
not have seen the show, tell us about the role of becky on the show. >> becky is trying out for cheerleading at high school. and she has a coach named coach sylvester. and she's kind of critical to becky. >> kind of? >> yes. she's critical of the character. but also she's a sweet heart in real life. >> we've had her on the show. talked to her not too long ago and she's a sweet heart and very talented. tell me, are you having fun working on the show? >> yes. >> everyone seems to really get along and have a good time. is that really what is going on? >> yes. >> robin, tell me about lauren, how long has she pursued acting? >> well she danced before she
9:35 am
could walk and she would watch a disney movie and after watching it one time she knew the entire movie verbatim. and so she just always had kind of an affinity to acting. when she was 16 she auditions for a movie which i tried to talk her out of because i knew she probably wasn't going to get it and she was going to have her feelings hurt and she got it. it's called mr. blue sky. and she was a principal players in that movie. and then she auditioned for the role of glee and i think with about 13 other girls and got that. and just it shows a passion for it and she's just a natural. i was shocked the first time she was on set with glee because she went in and shaking hands with directors and producers and took direction so well. and she's on when she's there. >> lauren, talk to me, we showed this video a short time ago with bullying going on, and this is a big problem and this is something you are trying to use your celebrity to talk
9:36 am
about and fight. tell me a little bit about that? >> well, [ inaudible ]. and also -- >> there is a message there? >> yes. so see we have to stop the bullying right now. >> and the like the message, different is different. and that's one thing that we talk about the show and why it was honored last night, glee has got to be the most inclusive show on television. and it seems like it's something that the producers and the writers must take very, very seriously.
9:37 am
>> yes. >> think it's to the point on the show and where we really like to get in the world is that you don't need to be inclusive any more because it just is, it is a natural thing. that's what the show is becoming. everybody is different on that show. and like lauren always says, different isn't bad, it's just different. and i think that's the one nice, wonderful thing, and there are many things, but the one thing about glee is that it's given lauren a celebrity a voice to talk out about bullying and for kids for disabilities, they are bullied and can't even speak about it. >> well the fact that the show is a big hit should send a message right there with its inclusiveness and how it uses a different character on the show. >> lauren congratulations to you and to everyone at the show for the award and thanks for coming into town. i hope you feel better and i know you have a little bit of a cold, but thank you for coming in. >> thank you so much.
9:38 am
>> allison, back to you. >> what a treat. thank you so much. donald trump offering his two cents in response to the disaster in japan. hear what he has to say next. and with all of the pomp and circumstance comes big bills. will the revenue generated by the royal wedding be enough to make up the cost to the british taxpayers. and another look at today's trivia question. what was the name of the orange and white cat in the classic children's book that features dic, jane and their dog spot. to take a guess head to our facebook page. back after the break. ?@ %($
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donald trump is criticizing the president. donald not thrilled about president obama's leadership on japan's devastating earthquake and tsunami. he spoke with fox's neal cab
9:42 am
otto. >> but when japan is crashing, when you have nuclear problems, the likes of which may be the world so far has never seen, for him to be playing golf simultaneously with that happening, you're talking about the day of and the day after, to be playing golf i think is very inappropriate. >> trump, who has considered running for president himself in 2012, criticized the president's leadership role in tackling economic issues facing us here in the usa. all eyes will be on prince william and kate middleton when they head down the aisle april 29th. >> the royal revenue is bringing in revenue to the u.k. but it will cost big bucks. british tourism expects half a million visits. that means $40 million to $80 million for the hotel industry and $850 million for retailers. but security for all of the visiting heads of state will cost british taxpayers millions. there is mixed reaction to the
9:43 am
economic boost. >> this is really going to provide a bridge, if you like, over the stormy waters of the recession that it is proving to be. so we think we are most fortunate. >> we don't need it, especially in the building industry. we just don't need it. >> prime minister david cameron the wedding day an official holiday, meaning businesses will shut down and that will cost the british economic billions more than the wedding will generate. >> all right. they can have a private ceremony. >> no. have you had your breakfast yesterday today? even if you have, holly morris may have you craving for seconds. she's been making maple syrup and after the break it's taste testing time. oh, i'm hungry. >> that looks so good. and then a st. patrick's day preview. we'll hear from the irish singing group alta. stay with us.
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want to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. it is hannah may tuinstra. she watches the show every morning before school so she's gone now but we hope she's having a good day. to be tomorrow's fan of the day by searching fox 5 morning news. there is no space between fox and the number 5. post a comment under cute hannah's photo. cunningham falls state park is hosting the second session of their maple syrup festival this weekend. >> holly morris has been making maple syrup all morning long and now it is time to taste it. holly? >> reporter: last weekend they had about 900 people each day come out for this. and as we've been here this morning and learning about the process and understanding the story behind maple syrup, it's funny because the people that work here are like we have a
9:48 am
lot of different events but this for some reason is their favorite event. and i'm trying to figure out why. are those good? >> they are delicious. >> reporter: this is jen miller, a ranger out here and she's taking us through the process this morning. and perhaps this is why. this is between us and everybody watching. but this is one where you do get to enjoy the fruits of your labor. >> we do. if they help us stay ready for maple syrup and every morning they make us pancakes so we're ready to go. >> reporter: and then you are serving these on saturday and sunday. >> that's right. i think we just got the numbers from last week and we served 3,000 pancakes. >> oh, my word. >> reporter: you have to have an expert pancake maker to do 3,000 pancakes and that's where rob die comes in. he's the executive pancake chef here and happens to be the assistant manager. i'm ready for the griddle, sir. >> right behind you is the easy pour. >> reporter: now is there any secret to your batter?
9:49 am
>> no. we just use a commercial batter that we pick up at the store and a little water and a little oil and a whole lot of time, a whole lot of time. >> reporter: now i'm going to do three but how will you crank them out over the weekend. >> this griddle here, we put out 15 at a time. and then the griddle beside it we do 18 at a time. so 33 at a time and over 3,000 over the weekend so. >> reporter: so i'm waiting for the bubbles to come through. >> what i like to do is wait for the outside to get firm and then you know it's time to flip. >> reporter: all right. and i want to bring you back in, jen, because tell me about what is going on in terms of the festival? look at her, she's coming close to the griddle, she wants them hot right off. >> well we start around 10:00 saturday and sunday. our maple syrup boiling site demonstrations take place every half hour on the hour.
9:50 am
and then we have the children's -- >> reporter: oh, don't look at that one. >> it still tastes good. >> reporter: it's a pancake foul. i'll flip that half. >> and kids can make crafts all day. we have live musicians to allow the kids to jump in and play along with the instruments. >> reporter: that's pretty fun. >> and that's a little -- taz a dollar pancake over there. look at those little ones. you guys ask that people just -- it doesn't cost anything but you ask that they give a minimum donation per person for the friends of cunningham falls state park and gamble state park. tell us about that. >> our friends group is going toward their group and activities in the park and trail maintenance. but they are powerful advocates for us and they help us make big purchases that we might not be able to make. this past year they actually purchased a rescue boat for us at the lake so we're very thankful for our friends group. >> reporter: i think these are ready to serve up. let me get a place here.
9:51 am
and as we're doing this, we do want to mention, if people are concerned -- you should have puts to ugly ones on the bottom and no one would have ever known. but we're not tasting the actual syrup that we were doing out there for health reasons because of the smoke and everything. but you can get a good taste of this, which is from -- >> allegany county. it's s&s maple cape. so it is maryland-made maple syrup and it's delicious. >> reporter: and as i butter up my pancakes and get ready to put syrup on here, there are other reasons to come to the park other than just the maple syrup festival. >> of course. we have the beautiful lake outside of the facility where people can come swimming and boating during the summer or early fall. we also have a scales and tails aviary which houses birds of prey and camping and hiking
9:52 am
right here. >> reporter: come check it out this weekend. is our website. we have a link to theirs. if you come this saturday or sunday, it will be, oh, so sweet. back to you. i'm not sharing, jen. if you are a fan of irish music, then i need not introduce the next band. alton is here with us. today the irish singing group. and maraid is the founder of the group with her husband. >> we love being in the u.s. >> you're in the middle of a u.s. tour. >> the last 25 years we've been here nearly every year. and we always enjoy coming here and we've made loads of friends over the years. and of course you have a lot of irish people living in the u.s. so we always meet up with them. and it's always a joy. >> we'd love to meet the band. we know mark kelly isn't with
9:53 am
us, he does europeine dates but introduce us. >> over here we have darryn mcber dot and karen and shawn settle and karen carn on bizuki. >> and i'm interested in hearing the song. and this might be a hard question but how would you categorize irish music? if you had to say what you feel when you hear it, what would you say? >> it's joyous. it does do the whole spectrum of people's emotions so i think that's why we're able to travel with it because people are usually able to associate with it or feel something in common with it. >> with soul music, if you will. >> that's what i hope. >> i love that. and what are you going to do for us today. >> we're going to sing an immigration song that my father wrote many years ago and it's in gailic which is the area i'm from and it means the green
9:54 am
fields. >> this is alton. thanks for being here. >> thanks, holly. [ singing ] 
9:55 am
9:56 am
delicious news for dessert lovers.
9:57 am
introducing activia dessert. rich yogurt with desserty flavors like strawberry cheesecake and peach cobbler. mmm. you've got to try this. ♪ activia activia dessert.
9:58 am
back now with the answer to today's trivia question. what was the name of the orange
9:59 am
and white cat in the classic children's book that featured dick, jane and the dog spot. >> puff. and another supporting character was tim the teddy bear. the books were used to teach kids to read from the 30s through the 70s and they have remained the standard. see jane run. >> they started to fall out of favor by the 70s. >> but pop culturally we know what it is. >> sure. but i think fewer younger people know about dick and jane. we grew up knowing dick and jane. >> really? >> in the control room, we have some young people there. do you know dick and jane? >> they say yes. >> there you go. >> that was one person. five-day forecast. and a live shot. yes, i'm sorry. cloud cover across the area but that should not be affecting

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